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Last Will and Testiment


Here I am again, as we start to taper.
Expressing my feelings, with letters and paper.
Realizing the inevitable, coming to grips.
Trying to cope, as our flame now slips.
In to the darkness, and out of our sight.
Distant as the sun is, during the night.
But unlike the night, thereís no coming dawn.
Because you were my sun, and now your gone.
I know I lost touch, with right and wrong.
Thatís why my heart breaks, during Taylor Swift songs.
You were a smile, on a horrible day.
God gave you a gift, for being that way.
He gave me a gift, but I didnít embrace.
He gave me a gift, that made my heart race.
He gave me a gift, that would always be true.
He gave me a gift, and I know it was you.
And what did I do? I pushed you away.
The ending results, Is why I'm writing today.
I writing to tell you, what youíve heard before.
Until the day I die, Iíll keep loving you more.
And for that reason, I will let myself.
See you be happy, with someone else.
As long as you are, Then my goal is met.
All I ask of you, is you never forget.
That Iím always here, if you need to talk.
Even if I'm crippled, we can take that walk.
We can discuss anything, even if its sexually.
Or you need an opinion, I'm here intellectually.
Iíll always be an ear, to your amazing voice.
If I'm not allowed, you don't have a choice!
Were both too stubborn, to just let go.
I think we see challenge, in the word no.
And for that I know, Youíll always stay close.
People stay dear, to those they love most.
We canít tell the future, and canít change the past.
But I can tell our friendship, is built to last.
So in closing, now that were both blue.
You better be smiling, because Iíll always love you.

Poet: David Jones
Copyright © 2012 David Jones

read: 1240 times Rating: Date: 21 February, 2012

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